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Wooden Bead Box

  • $ 3500

These handcrafted wooden trays from the Ukraine are beautiful and functional. Strong magnets securely hold the tiers in place when you're not beading and act as a needle minder when you are. Even a non-beader will appreciate one as a gift just because it's so pretty and unique. 

 Our one-tier boxes are 1/2" deep on the outside with bead compartments that are 3mm deep.

The two-tier boxes are 1" deep; the upper tray has compartments 3mm deep, while the lower tray has compartments 7mm deep.

Our extra-deep box is almost 1 1/2" deep, with a top tray that has 3mm deep compartments and a bottom tray that is almost 3/4" deep to hold your scissors, thread and other supplies.


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